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Dr Ebony Escalona

In early 2017 Ebony Escalona founded a support group on Facebook for veterinary professionals who had become frustrated with their careers.  The group was an immediate success, providing inspiration, guidance, mentorship and networking for those looking to remain satisfied in practice, diversify their careers or develop new skills outside the ordinary practice box.

Ebony is passionate about building confidence in others and is a huge advocate of the 'portfolio career', simply put, doing the things you love and loving the things you do. This approach is perfectly illustrated through her own career path: Ebony has worked as a Equine Vet for many years, in clinical roles that ranged from primary to referral care as well as academic posts. She is also an educator and entrepreneur and previously worked in music television.

Within these varied roles she developed a number of transferable skills that opened up a number of non-veterinary enterprises and collaborations. It allowed her to create a flexible work schedule fusing part time advisory roles at the NGO Brooke and VDS Training as well as consulting for congresses such as London Vet Show, SPVS Congress, Wellvet Weekend, AVS Congress and StreetVet Conference. She also enjoyes collaborating with the e-learning charity, Learn Appeal and Kentish Town City Farm as well as publishing scientific work.

She now enjoys bring the veterinary community together to help veterinary professionals tap into their potential and learn from their peers. This has led her, along with the VSGD working group, to create events such as Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify LIVE and the #VetPassport Roadshow

Find Ebony’s bio and pictures here for use in chairing and speaking roles

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