Career Profiles

Some incredible and inspiring career pioneers have opened up to VSGD to give us the low down on HOW and WHY they ended up in their current careers. We hope this will showcase the diversity of opportunities that are open to those who trained as veterinarian professionals.

They will explain the kinds of training you might need to get there, what salary and hours you might expect, as well as walking us through their daily routines!


“Diversify” career profiles

These are folk who have decided to use their veterinary skills in a non-traditional manner. While they might not be working in a vet clinic, all the experience and training from being a vet plays a big role in what they do now.

“STAY” career profiles

Stay-ers are people who have decided to stay (by and large) in the veterinary profession. While their main source of income may still be from working in clinic, some Stay-ers go part time to take on other roles to give them the work-life balance they need.

“Go” Career Profiles

These chaps have made the leap into career paths completely unrelated to being a vet by using transferable skills and experience to try something new!