Talks and workshops

Small-group workshops and career discussion panels, led by career pioneers, will provide you with the know-how, confidence and ambition to map out the journey to your next career destination.  Be inspired by these seasoned explorers and discover the answers to those questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Although the event has been and gone this year, all these talks and workshops are available to stream online - click below for full details!


Working out what you want: Vet your life

Sponsored by VDS Training

Feeling stuck, not sure what decision to make or needing some career inspiration? Join VDS Training Representatives Carolyne Crowe and Penny Barker in this interactive workshop to help you vet your life and make 2018 your best year yet!  

Stop selling yourself short: CV & interview clinic

Sponsored by Simply Health

First impressions count! Make your CV shine and learn how to nail your job interviews in this interactive workshop with  Adrian Nelson Pratt (Emerge Veterinary) 

Taking an idea to business

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Ever wondered about the steps you take to turn an idea in to a business?Join Nuala Summerfield (Virtual Veterinary Services), Ben Sweeney (Simply Locums) , Carolyne Crowe (Carolyne Crowe Coaching), Tamiur Alavi (Ivala Learn) and Libby Kemkaran-Thompson (Vet Dynamics) who will be sharing their top tips for testing an idea, how to gain financial support, and what they wished they’d known when starting out.  

Practice makes perfect: Starting a veterinary business

Sponsored by Provet cloud

Do you dream of owning your own practice and calling the shots? Come and find out more about how to setup and run your own practice with Alex McGhee (Provet Cloud), Adele Fitzpatrick (Vet Creche), Amy Dyce (Vets4Pets Straiton), Sophie Aylett  (Meadows Farm Vets), Mike Rhodes (Focus Referrals) and Chris Tufnell (Coach house vets)

Becoming a portfolio professional or a part-time pro

Balancing your life and career can be a juggling act and many of us struggle to find work we love. Our panellists Sam Andrews , Emma Davis, Natalia Strokowska and Chris Mimnagh, share their tips and insights on how you could achieve that elusive work and life balance

Working in science and communications

Do you aspire to be the next David Attenborough? Do you want to share your passion for animals with the public? Come and ask our media and communications gurus, Pete Wedderburn (Telegraph), Sophie Jo Walsh (BBC), Gabby Laing (House of Lords) and  Jess French (BBC), who will answer all your questions on how they joined the bright lights of show business and how you can too! 

Educational Endeavours : Careers developing others

Sponsored by The Webinar Vet

A career in education and teaching can be incredibly fulfilling. Join our panellists,   Kim Whittlestone (RVC), Chris Trace (Surrey), Charlotte McKinlay (Nottingham), Laura Skippen (Brooke) and Anthony Chadwick (The Webinar Vet), who will tell you more about what the education industry could offer you, and how to get involved. 

Carving out a charitable career

Are you inspired by the thought of doing good? Have you ever wondered about working for a charity? If you’d like to find out more about what sorts of roles are out there and how you could apply your skillset to a job in the charity sector then join this discussion with our charity ambassadors Simon Doherty (Send a Cow), Karen Reed (Dogs Trust Worldwide), Ursula Goetz (Mayhew), Jade Statt & Sam Joseph (Street Vets), Claire Okell and chaired by Klara Saville (Brooke)

The Big Picture: Vets in the Civil Service

Sponsored by Government Veterinary Services

Ever considered a career in the civil service? Confused about how to figure out what grade is right for you and how to apply? Find out about career progression and hear our panel of experts, Christine Middlemiss (CVO), Kate Sharpe (Home Office), Jane Clark (APHA) and Giles Davies (VMD), talk about their personal experiences.

Locumming: be the independent professional

Sponsored by Simply Locums

Being an independent professional locum can provide you with a world of benefits, but it’s not all sunshine and roses. This session with Ben Sweeney (Simply Locums) and Emma Callaghan will give you an insight in to the perks and practicalities of being a locum. 

Medical minds for management consultancY

Sponsored by Vet Dynamics

Management consultancies specialise in helping organizations to improve their performance. The skills you acquire throughout your veterinary training are valuable to analysing organisational problems and developing plans for improvement. Ask our panellists, Julie Ross (ex Bain), Leo Hirson (Accenture), Penny Barker (ex Ernst and Young), Libby Kemkaran-Thompson (Vet Dynamics) how they made the leap from vet to consultant, and what the highlights are!

Advocating for the profession in practice

Do you love your role in practice and want to shout about it from the rooftops? Do you feel passionately about the importance of sharing the positives of veterinary practice? In this interactive panel discussion Chris Tufnell (Coachhouse vets and RCVS), Danny Chambers (Langford and BVA and RCVS), Gudrun Ravetz (Simply health and BVA) and Lucy Grieve (Rossdales and BEVA) will discuss the many options for advocating the veterinary profession in practice. Are you in?

Industry roles: matching yourself in the matrix

Sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim

Our industry experts, Adrian Nelson Pratt (ex Hills), Sean McCormack (Tails), Matt Yarnall (Boehringer-Ingelheim) and Hannah Watts (Bayer) will provide first-hand experience of their transition from a role in veterinary practice to a role in industry, and will offer advice on how you could join them in a similar role.  

Reaching a rewarding research career

The world of research is varied and diverse, encompassing lab work to doctorates. Our panellists, Polly Compston (Brooke), Gabe Galea (UCL), Gwen Rees (Langford) and Catherine Oxtoby (Nottingham and VDS) will share stories from their research careers, and answer your questions on how to get in to the fields that interest you most.