Online Communities Partnerships

VSGD would be nothing without the amazing community on Facebook. Founded in Feb 2017 by Ebony Escalona, the VSGD Facebook group rapidly grew and it currently has over 11,000 active members, largely in the UK but truly international in reach. Its popularity lead to the creation of the highly successful VSGD: Live! event.

The VSGD group is intended to provide a forum for free, independent and safe exchange of information between veterinarians considering diversification of their careers as well as for veterinarians to receive advice for how to remain satisfied in the clinic.

As a lively place for discussion the members are highly engaged and with a high daily post/interaction rate. In addition, events are regularly added to the community calendar such as webinars, Q&A’s, live streams, and more.

We are extremely excited about the growth and reach of this community and would love to extend the opportunity to be part of it as a paid partner!


“A HUGE THANK YOU for setting up this page, which has highlighted the importance of discussing mental health amongst many other issues, pointed arrows towards an array of career diversifications that some of us were not aware of, and harnessing the vet tribe to aid members with seemingly insurmountable life situations. It feels like a whole new era of veterinary collaboration has begun. Hallelujah.”

- A member of VSGD facebook group

How you can support the VSDG Facebook community:

  • Content Sponsorship - we would love to find a regular partners to sponsor posts such as Secret Support, webinars, and other CPD content such as Career Profiles. These are invaluable resources for the community and regularly receive a lot of engagement. Being a named sponsor with your logo on it will receive plenty of attention!

  • Volunteer to participate in a Career Q&A session on Facebook Live - we are always eager to hear from career pioneers who are willing to share their experience with the community!

  • Other promotional partnerships - got a big idea, product, event or something else? Let’s chat about how we can work together!


For more information, please email Ebony!