roly owers- cEO of world horse welfare

“I passionately believe in what the vet profession has to offer the world”

Ebony Escalona, founder of Vets Stay Go Diversify joins the Chief Exec of World Horse Welfare Roly Owers for a beverage or two to find out more about another inspiring veterinary career. Check out the show notes and listen to their conversation here or click below!

shereene williams- vet advisor Brooke

Listen to VSGD founder Ebony Escalona chat to acting senior manager in global animal health at Brooke- action for working horses and donkeys. Shereene Williams for an hour over a glass of wine or two   

"our feelings and emotions are exactly the same whether it's a £1000 bulldog or a 2 dollar donkeys who carries bricks for a dollar a day"

Listen back to find out

  • What does finding your dream job look like

  • Creating your niche as a vet in animal welfare 

  • Management versus leadership 

  • The importance of learning everyday for job satisfaction 

  • Bigger picture thinking as vets

  • What roles exist in Brooke for veterinary professionals 

For more info about working as a vet at Brooke please email

katie preston- equine vet and eventer

Live Career Q and A with VSGD Katie Preston- Equine Vet and Event Rider!

“I have been so lucky in my jobs so far. It shows that if you love your job stay in it and make it happen. If it's nearly there but not quite right then try and make changes and work with your boss to do that. If they don’t want to do that then I guess you need to leave”

Watch back to hear how
- Katie juggles riding with work
- she decided on whether to do an internship or not
- GP life works for her

And finally a reflection on the wonderful Polly Birch and the types of people we would like to honor in her name with the Polly Birch Award

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