Advice on how to take action!


Yesterday was job action day... (a good day for this group!)

So we have just asked for the wisdom of the VSGD working tribe to give us some advice for taking action with our careers:

1. "If you weren’t you what advice would you give you? Also, it’s ok not to know - most of us are in that camp - just enjoy the journey and don’t be afraid to take a risk” Catriona Curtis of Vets4Pets Practitioners

2. "It’s unlikely you’re going to find your ideal job sitting by yourself and writing a list of what you want. You need to get out and talk to people, try new stuff and experiment and most usually benefit from some outside help, be it a coach or someone else who knows you well." Adrian Nelson-Pratt of Emerge Veterinary

3. "In many many years time when we are lay on our death beds, we are only answerable to ourselves and our loved ones....not bosses nor colleagues. So all I say to anyone is simple: find your happy, and live it! Love what you do, and you will never do a days ‘work’ in your life!" Ben Sweeney of Simply Locums

4. "Identify what part of your job you love doing then each day make sure you spend a little bit of time doing this part" Carolyne Crowe of VDS Training

5. "Mine is what worked for me - spend some free time working out what you want out of your career and (pinching a bit of Carolyne’s) what you enjoy, and then don’t be afraid to take a step “backwards” to go forwards" Greer Wild Comms team RCVS - Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

6. "Imposter syndrome can be huge factor in holding you back from realising untapped potential. So listen to all the positive feedback you get over the years, believe it, and use it to drive you onwards." Liz Barton of Vetsnet and WellVet Weekend

7. "Reach out to arrange a time to speak to someone whose role you would like to know more about. Get curious, ask questions and listen- does this role and reality resonate with your values? If so book in a day to shadow them!" Ebony Escalona of Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify LIVE

We would love to hear your advice - comment below and let's compile a guide!

Remember you can watch back over 20 hours of job action advice from our live event if you need more inspiration!