"I'm a new grad who is struggling financially - should I take on a second job to ease cash flow concerns?"

"I am a recent graduate, and am genuinely struggling financially. I have what I feel is a fair salary, but it just disappears on outgoings. I have looked into trying to get a second job, but am finding it impossible to fit it in within the time I have left after work. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do, or any safe companies I could approach? I'm really quite stressed about it all.”

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"My small independent practice is being taken over by a corporate - should I stay or go?"

“I’ve never worked for a corporate and my initial thoughts are to possibly leave, get a job elsewhere ( in an independent practice) or locum for a while.

However, I wonder if I’m being too hasty. How many independent practices are still out there and how many will there be in another 10 years? So, what questions should I be asking my new bosses? What are other vet’s experiences with such takeovers?"

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What is Secret Support?

VSGD is building a supportive community that facilitates all kinds of constructive discussions around issues in the veterinary professions.

Secret Support is an opportunity for you to ask personal or sensitive questions and get great advice from your peers in an anonymous way.

Why is it anonymous?

The large and diverse membership of the group means that posts may be viewed by past, current or future colleagues, employees, bosses and others. With that in mind, we understand that sometimes you might need a safe space to express genuine concerns, or worries without the fear of repercussions or judgement from people you know in real life.

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