WHAT IS Vets: Stay Go diversify live?

Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify LIVE! is an annual event that brings together 250 delegates and career pioneers for two days of dedicated career exploration. Although the event for 2018 has been and gone, you can now stream all the talks and workshops online!

Looking for inspiration for your next career destination, wanting to make the leap to a new role, keen to develop new skills but not sure where to start? Come and discover the world of opportunities waiting for you, the sky’s the limit!

The two days are jam-packed with small group workshops, Q&As, mentoring sessions, networking and so much more! Our career pioneers have been there, lived it and have the passport stamps to prove it. They are well-travelled in the world of career opportunities and excited to support you on your journey of exploration. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Vet Passport and let’s go!

Inspiring talks and insightful discussions

Day one is all about exploration and inspiration. Discover what’s out there, meet fellow explorers and hear from those who have successfully stayed in the clinic, left the profession or diversified their careers. Connect with like-minded people, find your tribe and start to map out your journey to a successful career. All this in addition to panel discussions on the veterinary workforce crisis, the state of mental health, what our veterinary bodies do for us, and lessons from human healthcare. Hear from the incredible humans behind the vet and their inspiring career stories. 

Mapping your path and taking flight

Day two is about taking action. You may have an idea about where you’re heading and need some practical advice. Or you may be feeling inspired to learn more about a possible career path. Our small-group workshops and panel discussions will provide you with the confidence and know-how to move in to a new career path, diversify your role or learn a new skill. Take the time to discuss a variety of topics with the career pioneers; including strategic consultancy, how to build your personal brand, charitable veterinary careers, and starting your own business. 

Stream online!

Although the 2018 event has already happened, you can now stream all the sessions online! Click the button below to find out more info.

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