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veterinary careers

Vets: Stay, Go Diversify (VSGD) is an international community of veterinary professionals who support each other in pursuing fulfilling careers.

Our mission is to help you connect with like-minded people and provide support on your journey to a successful career. Come and be inspired with the world of opportunities that are open to you within the clinic, in new ventures, or beyond the profession.


Showcasing where a vet passport can take you

Discover what’s out there, meet fellow explorers and hear from those who have successfully stayed in the clinic, left the profession or diversified their careers.



Building communities

We create opportunities for students, RVNs, and veterinary professionals to meet through networking opportunities such as events and small group workshops.

The VSGD facebook group is a community forum of 12k+ members intended to provide a forum for free, independent and safe exchange of information between veterinarians considering diversification of their careers as well as for veterinarians to receive advice for how to remain satisfied in the clinic.

Providing resources, development opportunities, and events to help veterinary professionals thrive in practice and beyond

Our keystone event VSGD: Live! is an annual conference providing career support and CPD through panel discussions, small group workshops and TED-Style talks. We also run career CPD evenings such as the Vet Passport Roadshow, as well as many other free events on Facebook Live where we frequently run CPD webinars and Q&As with inspiring community leaders. Check out our Upcoming Events or join our Facebook group to get involved!

We have recently started a mentorship scheme where we can match you with someone who can help you along your career journey and give you personalised, practical advice.

Our aim is to keep the discussion going with YOU need so that we can continue to provide relevant, up-to-date advice and support for all our members. If you think there is something we should be doing, feel free to contact us!


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